Good Good Chocolates is committed to creating thoughtful and delicious confections made entirely by hand in very small batches. Our hand shelled chocolates are made using the finest natural ingredients: premium chocolate by Valrhona and República Del Cacao, vanilla beans, Plugrá butter and the best local and in season ingredients we can source. 

We can’t wait to share our passion of chocolate with you!





Lisa and Brian met in 2008. Lisa was making chocolate coconut macaroons and Brian immediately challenged her to a contest of who baked the best version. After comparing recipes, they realized that theirs were exactly the same! Unwinding the where, who and how, they realized that the recipe was Brian's and had been given to Lisa by a friend who once worked under him. It was as though they were connected before they physically met! 

Their deep rooted passion for pastry drew them together. 





After many combined years in the industry, Lisa and Brian decided to start their own venture. They narrowed their pastry scope to focus on chocolate making, a medium that combines everything that makes them tick: precision, art, and an obsession with finding that perfect balance of flavor in a single bite. Good Good Chocolates was born in 2016 in Philadelphia, PA. In their spare time you can find Lisa and Brian out doing "research" by scouring every sweet in and out of town or hanging out at home with their beloved pets Gretl and Mitzi.



A pastry chef for 30 years, Brian has worked in some of the best hotels, resorts and restaurants in the country. He has participated in many high level competitions in his career. In 1999 he represented the United States and became a "World Chocolate Champion" and the first American to ever win the "Grand Prix International de la Chocolaterie", the largest pastry competition in the world for an individual pastry chef, in Paris, France, taking home the Jean-Marie Sibenaler Trophee for 1st Place in Presentation and 1st Place Overall. That year Brian was also selected as one of the "Top 10 Pastry Chefs" in the country by Pastry Art and Design Magazine.  One of his most memorable moments came in 2006 when was selected by The White House to audition to be the Executive Pastry Chef for President George W. Bush - out of the field of seven chefs, Brian made it to the final two.



Lisa's fascination with chocolate comes from a desire to combine art and science to create an innovative, balanced, aesthetically beautiful bite.  Lisa completed her formal education at Kendall College in Chicago.  She spent many years honing her skills in Chicago hotels working in many aspects of pastry arts.  Eventually settling on what she considers the most challenging and rewarding.  CHOCOLATE!

Lisa finds constant inspiration from her surroundings, and the people in those settings.  There are very few things in life that bring people as much joy as chocolate and Lisa's purpose is to nurture that joy.